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VAWA - Abuse Victim

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a self-petition that women and men alike can file if they have been the victim of psychological and/or physical abuse and control and if their abuser is their current or former spouse, or their 21 year or older child, or their parent who is a resident or a US citizen. Although helpful, a police report is not required in VAWA cases. 


If you are an applicant for a greencard and have been found inadmissible to the United States, you require a waiver to excuse the inadmissibility ground. Usually, this happens in cases where there is a criminal conviction or prior immigration fraud or misrepresentation. We prepare and file immigration waivers to allow you to continue with your greencard process.


We can apply for your initial or renewal of DACA, TPS or work permit, as well as apply for the parole for your family and friends.

USCIS Request for Evidence Letters & Interviews

If you have filed your applications already, but need assistance with preparing for the interview, we are the attorneys for you. We thoroughly prepare you for and attend the greencard and citizenship interviews with you!

If you have filed your applications and received a letter requesting more evidence, contact us. Failure to respond or to include all evidence required may result in a denial of your application.  


This area of law is the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. Unless you are a United States citizen, every arrest or criminal conviction carries a consequence on your immigration status. Never plead guilty to any crime without speaking to an immigration attorney to be best advised on the consequences of your plea or conviction on your immigration status. Often times, people without status or even with legal permanent residency are placed in removal proceedings before the immigration court. Contact us for a full review of your immigration options before pleading guilty to any crime.



Divorce in New York & New Jersey


We represent clients in uncontested divorce proceedings before the New York and New Jersey courts. 


Child Custody


We can represent you in your petition for child custody in New York and New Jersey family courts.  

Settlement Agreements

We also prepare divorce settlement agreements, and pre- or post-nuptial agreements in New York and New Jersey. 

Residential Real Estate Closings

in New York and New Jersey

We represent clients in residential buying and selling transactions, including contract drafting and review, scheduling and coordinating inspections and closings and communication with your lender

Last Will & Testament in New York & New Jersey

We can help you draft your last will and testament to ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes. We can also draft other documents, such as power of attorney and health care proxy or directive.

Corporation formation and registration in New York & New Jersey

If you are looking to start a business or register one, we can help form your entity of choice, such as C corporation, S corporation or LLC. We can also obtain apostille on your documents from the Department of State or translate documents into various languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian).

Deportation Defense

We can defend you before the immigration court, including requesting immigration bond, appearing for immigration court hearings and filing immigration applications, including asylum, cancellation of removal, and filing motions to reopen deportation orders, motions to stay orders of deportation, appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals, prosecutorial discretion requests. 


Family Immigration

We also represent clients in family immigration petitions and applications, such marriage-based petition and greencard, consular process, fiancee (K-1) petitions, and citizenship based on permanent residency,  derivation or acquisition of citizenship.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for Minors (SIJS)

We can apply for SIJ status for minors (under the age of 21 in NJ) who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by one or both parents. With SIJ status, minors can apply for a work permit and permanent resident status (greencard). 

U Visa - Crime Victim

If you have been the victim of a qualifying crime in the United States, we can assist you in applying for U visa status. Following approval, U visa holders can apply for a work permit and permanent resident status (greencard).

T Visa - Labor or Sex Traffic Victim

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sex or labor trafficking into the United States, you might qualify for T Visa, which allows you to apply for permanent resident status (greencard).

Deferred Action based on Workplace Abuse or Medical Reasons

This type of immigration benefit can protect you from deportation and allow you to apply for a work permit. The main basis to apply for deferred action is if you have been the victim of workplace abuse or violations or if you or a person you care for are suffering from severe health issues.

Our office is focused on family-based

immigration and removal defense.

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